How Well Do You Know 'Big Hero 6'?

'Big Hero 6' is Disneys latest movie, number 54. Everyone loves it, so I decided to make a series on quizzes. There will be three. This is number one, so take it wisely and continue on to the next one once you succeed!

How well do you know 'Big Hero 6'? Are you up for the challenge? Do you have a brain of steel? Find out if you are the mega-fan by taking these three quizzes!

Created by: Amanda
  1. What Is Hiro And Tadashi's guardian name?
  2. What is the first thing you see in the movie?
  3. What does Baymax's chip say?
  4. What is the short film called?
  5. What is the movie's theme song called?
  6. When did the movie come out?
  7. Who voiced Hiro Hamada?
  8. Who WAS the champion in Bot-Fighting?
  9. What is Tadashi and Hiro's cat's name?
  10. What is the last quote of the WHOLE movie? (Including Epilogue)
  11. Where are Fred's parents in the movie?
  12. What is on Tadashi's bed when Baymax asks where he is?
  13. What does Hiro trip over when Baymax try's to touch his foot.
  14. What is true about Aunt Cass?
  15. How old was Hiro when he graduated High School?
  16. What is the first thing you see Aunt Cass making?
  17. Does Tadashi ever encounter the masked man?
  18. Why did Tadashi create Baymax?
  19. What does Honey Lemon's phone case look like?
  20. What does Hiro put his Micro-bots in for the presentation?
  21. What is Wasabi's last name?
  22. What is Hiro's super power?
  23. How do you spell...
  24. Finish the quote "I have to go to this..."
  25. What is Honey Lemon's last name?
  26. Who thought of the nick names?
  27. What is the Epilogue about?
  28. When does Hiro cry?
  29. What color is Hiro's chip that he puts in Baymax?
  30. What does Tadashi drive?
  31. What does Aunt Cass own?
  32. On Wasabi's table at the lab, he has a coffee mug. It has labels on it. From bottom to top, how is it labeled?

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