How Hostile Are You?

Hostility is a complex emotion. It carries with it many feelings, from rage to anger, hatred, bitterness, wrath, ire, fury, and many, many others. Sometimes a little hostility is needed. Sometimes it is not. A team of top shelf hostility experts have put their heads together for this survey.

Are you a hostile person? Do you snap at the slightest provocation? Do you still remember how the doctor slapped you at birth? Are you still plotting your revenge? Do puppy dogs cross to the other side of the street when they see you coming?

Created by: sb2k7
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  1. Flaws in others disgust me.
  2. The majority of people would stab you in the back to get what they want
  3. I tend to act first, think later
  4. If someone disagrees with me it's because they don't understand.
  5. If someone does something wrong they deserve to be embarrassed.
  6. I tend to lose my temper easily.
  7. When I'm right about something I let people know.
  8. Most of the things I have, I don't deserve
  9. Someone cuts you off on the highway. You respond by:
  10. A man with crutches is blocking the subway door as you try to board. You respond by:
  11. Your roommate drunkenly urinates in your closet. You respond by:
  12. On an airplane flight the small child seated behind you begins to kick your seat. You respond by:
  13. While at a bar, someone makes fun of your shoes. You respond by:
  14. Someone throws a frisbee into your head. You respond by:
  15. While playing frisbee, someone makes an insinuation that you are a tad overweight. You respond by:
  16. While catching a goal in a frisbee game someone attempts to pull your pants down. You respond by:
  17. A member of another frisbee team insults and threatens you. You respond by:
  18. Upon entering the back room of the rental car agency at which you work, you find kitty cats all over the place. You respond by:

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Quiz topic: How Hostile am I?