How Much Do you know about Britain?

Aaaah, Britain. Purveyor of Saturday Night currys. Exporter of controversial Television. Only Few people will have the true mind to survive in such a strange, hostile enviroment. Could that be you?

In this quick test, full of strange questions, you will find out whether you know all there is to know about the beautiful Kingdom. Will you tower above the rest? Will you languish in the Gutter? Well what are you waiting for, Take The Quiz!

Created by: Dotty!
  1. Who is David Cameron?
  2. Which of these Large supermarket chains is based in Bradford?
  3. What is Britains leading First aid Providor?
  4. For a long period of time, Sir Alex Ferguson famously Managed which British Football (Soccer) team?
  5. Which British Author worked as an editor in the Magazine "Jackie"?
  6. Where Is Haworth?
  7. If You came from Tyneside, what phrase would you use to fill in the gap?: "I___That Girl!"
  8. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
  9. The Rain In Britain,Falls mainly On:
  10. And Now for Something Random: What Are The Pennines?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I know about Britain?