Which Finan are you?

The Finans are possibly one of the most freaky families in britain, and yet almost everyone would be able to compare themselves to a member of the Finan family! It is not a complex idea to understand, as the Finans split in to four main personality groups, which others can relate to.

So, which Finan are you? Answer the questions on this quiz, and take an insightful look in to your lifestyle. What ever the question, you will be provided with some handy advice at the end. Good luck!

Created by: Dot
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  1. If someone asked me to jump of a cliff, I would say:
  2. I am standing in a forest in the middle of the night, and hear a strange noise. Before gathering up my things, I:
  3. If I were an animal, I would Be:
  4. If I were in Scooby-Doo, I would Be:
  5. If I was a food, I would be:
  6. Somebody calls me a Dork. I react, by saying:
  7. If I was a chocolate Bar I would be:
  8. My Teacher informs me, that I will have to learn Rugby. My first thought is:
  9. If I was a climate, I would be:
  10. When asked what my favourite colour is, I will say:

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Quiz topic: Which Finan am I?