Can You Survive Nuclear War?

What if a nuclear war ever starts. It would been an Armageddon. Would you survive it? You must dig out all of your survival instinct to survive and be rescued. Good luck. By Mate.

What if a nuclear war ever starts. It would been an Armageddon. Would you survive it? How will you adapt to the hostile environment. Find out do you have the skills to SURVIVE.

Created by: CRO Army
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  1. World is at war. Soon the nuclear weapons will be used. You:
  2. You must go to the shelter. You can only bring one thing with you. It's:
  3. You left all you money in you house but the shelter will soon close. You will:
  4. After 2 months some people want to get out from the shelter but nobody knows is it safe. You:
  5. You got out of the shelter and saw a desolate wasteland, ruined buildings and destroyed roads. The best thing to do will be:
  6. You have run out of water. What would be the best place to drink water:
  7. After 2 weeks of exploring you ran on to a group of survivors. Unfortunately they have radiation sickness. You:
  8. You and your group od survivors decide to build a small settlement so that you have a roof above your head and that you are not cold. Where would you build that settlement?
  9. What would be the first thing that you would build in your settlement?
  10. You spotted a rescue helicopter. You:

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive Nuclear War?