Would You Survive The Rage Virus?

Are you smart enough? are you strong enough? grab your rifle theres hordes of infected everywhere will you survive and sucseed where the millitary failed to eliminate the threat of infection.

Ever wondered what you would do in a zombie apocolypse well take the quiz and find out each question must be analized and ansewred with great logic fing out if you will....Survive the rage virus

Created by: Jimmy
  1. What combination of protective clothing would you wear? Remember you may be fighting both soldiers other survivours and zombies.
  2. Weapons of choice?
  3. Would you rather be alone or with a medium group of people or a large group.
  4. Which best defines your style of combat.
  5. How Do you kill?
  6. The one person you love most has been bitten What do you do?
  7. Can You fight hand to hand?
  8. Theres a small camp of other survivours you are low on supplies they have many supplies the only weapon you have is a knife
  9. A group of mercenarys claim to have been payed in firearms for one of their hits they offer to sell them to you.
  10. You find a small child crying in the corner of a store lying next to its dead mother what do you do?
  11. you were planing to assault a nearby group of survivours for thier weapons and food observing them from a tall building you fall from the roof and break your left leg your medical supplies are on up on the roof the streets are crawling with infected what do you do?
  12. you notice another survivour spying on you he/she is looking at you through a rifle scope and you can only guess he/she is trying to kill you
  13. You find a very attractive young woman shes injured and you are low on medical items.....it might also be a trap.
  14. Someone has contacted the mercenarys and arranged a total elimenation of all people in a survivour camp do you save them and piss off the mercs or allow the mercs to fulfill their dutys
  15. your Fighting Zombies close range with a Remington 870 Shotgun and your out of ammo for you sidearm and your melee weapon was snaped. When your shotgun jamms your forced to fight 4 zombies with your bare hands how do you handle the situation
  16. Theres a millitary helicopter coming to rescue survivours but your most loved one is injured and you need to carry them 6 killometers to the helicopter through zombie infested streets what do you do?

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