will you survive zombies?

what would happen if a strange new virus hit the earth and turned everyone into undead cannibals? would you survive? or would you join them? to survive you'll need to be a good desciscion maker and a brave hearted person.

are YOU a survivor. do you have what it takes to beat the hordes of the undead? this quiz will tell you, and maybe you'll pass perfectly and survive the bloodthirsty dead people.

Created by: ashley
  1. what's the best time to go look for supplies?
  2. what will you do if you see ALOT of blood?
  3. what's the safest place?
  4. your friend has been bitten. what do you do?
  5. which vehicle should you use?
  6. you hear groaning coming from behind a door. what do you do?
  7. how many maximum people should go help search for supplies?
  8. a zombie has it's back to you and hasn't noticed you. what would you do?
  9. zombies have you trapped in a school building. what's the first thing to do?
  10. you find a handgun in a storage closet. what do you do first?
  11. you find a grenade launcher, but you don't have anywhere to put it without weighing yourself down unless you toss a weapon. what would you do?
  12. a dog starts barking at you on a street corner. what do you do?
  13. you find a group of people. take them or leave them?
  14. you see an injured man calling for help. help him?
  15. your whole family has become zombies.

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Quiz topic: Will I survive zombies?