Can you survive a Zombie out break?

Zombies, they haunt our nightmares even though we know they are not really. But what if they really were really. What if some weird thing happened and the dead didn't stay dead. Could you survive? See for yourself in this quiz.

The word has been over run by ZOMBIES, can you survive? Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie out break, fight the evil undead armies and save a few people along the way. See for your self in this quest.

Created by: Brett
  1. You wake up on morning and role up your blinds and you see your neighbour out side your window clawing at it grunting "Brians". What do you do?
  2. Which of these cars would be the best to use in a zombie out break?
  3. You find out that your car/cycle can only carry 3 items. What three items out of the list do you bring? (Other Humans not included)
  4. How many people would you have in your group as you tryed to survive the out break?
  5. Which of these weapons would be the best to use in a zombie out break?
  6. Where would you and your party head for to try and wait the zombie out break out?
  7. Have yo every shoot a gun before?
  8. After your first night away from your home after the zombie out break your go to sleep in your car. At about 3 a.m you her a noise outside the car you.......
  9. How do you kill a zombie?
  10. Well the out break is on, do you sit at home taking this quiz?
  11. Would you consider your self strong?
  12. Have you every done any sort of combat training before.
  13. Do you think you could survive a zombie out break.

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a Zombie out break?