would you survive an apocalypse?

Would you survive a disaster so devastating that all you want to do is lay down and die? Would you dance your way out of a very very very deadly encounter with a zombie? All I have to say is you would be better off not doing that.(seriously)

sticks and stones will break my bones, but an apocalypse will probably kill you. Well, will it? Don't think you can dance your way out of a nuclear holocaust, because you probably couldn't. (seriously, don't use that as the answer.)

Created by: Gabriel Caron
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  1. If you found out that north korea is going to nuke your hometown,you would
  2. To kill a zombie,you must
  3. Supplies you would bring in a nuclear apocalypse include
  4. your best friend has been infected with a very deadly virus that is capable of spreading. you
  5. you have been infected in the foot with that same virus your friend had.you
  6. you are marooned on an island full of cannibals!you are face to face with one, and he has a knife. you
  7. Nuked.Only survivor.you
  8. Face to with a zombie. your weapon is
  9. a horde of zombies are approaching your house. you
  10. A volcano erupts, a nuke is being dropped on your town, and zombies are approaching. you

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