Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

What is your chances to survive a zombie apocalypse? Find out here with this quiz of surviving horror. The zombies are everywhere, in every corner, in every room, at least you must find somewhere to hide or maybe die before you've found out a place to hide.

Now, you will find out if you are dead or a zombie... Or maybe even a true survivor, we'll see. This quiz will only take a few minuets and no panic. Good luck!

Created by: Marcus
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  1. What kind of a city do you live in?
  2. Do you own a gun?
  3. Have you anything else you can protect yourself with, example: a knife, a bat etc.?
  4. How much food do you have?
  5. Have you every fired a gun before?
  6. If you got in trouble outside far away from your home, where should you hide?
  7. Can you make home made explosives?
  8. What would you do first if you have found a hideout?
  9. What would you do if one of your loved ones turned into a zombie?
  10. If you met a group of strangers and there came zombies from every way, what would you do then?
  11. Would you go to your loved ones if this really happened?
  12. What would you do if you got bitten?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie apocalypse?