Will You Live Through a Zombie Apocalypse?

This quiz tests you on if you will survive a zombie apocalypse or not! Only people who get the highest scores will survive without a doubt- Are YOU ready?

Will YOU survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Take this quiz and find out! If you score high, you will be immortal! (Only kidding!) If you score low, then it doesn't matter- at least you tried!!!

Created by: Zombie killer :D
  1. Which of these weapons is the best to use against a zombie?
  2. Which of these is the best vehicle to use in a zombie apocalypse?
  3. How do you kill a zombie?
  4. You Hear your mobile ringing- it is your best friend. She tells you to Look outside your window- there is a zombie invasion! You then put the phone down- what do you do?
  5. You and 3 friends are trapped in your house. You are totally surrounded, however you have the Zombie survival guide. What do you do?
  6. Your friend grabs 3 weapons, one is a machete, and the other 2 are a pistol, and an AK47, which do you choose?
  7. You are asleep in your house and you hear a crash! You realise it is a zombie- what do you do?
  8. Your friend starts to feel dizzy- you find out she has been bitten- what do you do?
  9. You fall asleep in your car. You suddenly wake up and a zombie is trying to get in. What do you do?
  10. Which of these is the WORST place to fortify?

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Quiz topic: Will I Live Through a Zombie Apocalypse?