ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: Will you survive?

zombies, they walk among us. atke victims without us knowing and even some people live in fear of a zombie attack, some of us jsut ignore-em. some have written entire books on em. but most of us jsut want to get out alive.

CAN YOU SURVIVE IF THEY HAPPENED TO BEFALL UPPON US AND TRY TO EAT US? take the quiz to see if you will survive or feel each bite as they eat you alive.....

Created by: tristan
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  1. how strong are you?
  2. how long is your hair?
  3. do you wear tight clothes?
  4. if you were to use 3 items to barricade your house, what would they be?
  5. whre do you live?
  6. if you had to choose from 1 of these weapon sets wat would it be?
  7. how do you kill a zombie?
  8. how safe do you think you are from zombies in your area?
  9. do you have an ecape route in your house?
  10. what would you use for transportation?
  11. which one of these methods would you use to kill up zombies massing en route your locartion?
  12. wat kind of food would you eat during a zombie outbreak?
  13. how well did you think you do in the zombie invasion?

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Quiz topic: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: will I survive?