Would You Survive The Apocalypse?

Viruses, Asteroids, Zombies, Nuclear War, Aliens, Sentient Machines, Judgement Day.... So many ways the world could end. At least if you believe Hollywood. If what if those movie moguls got it right?

Would you be able to survive an apocalypse? After all, there are always survivors! Will you be one of them, or are you destined to die with the masses?

Created by: zagadee
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  1. You hear reports of gangs of people in a nearby city attacking people and eating them. Do you:
  2. Flying Saucers position themselves over major cities across the globe. Do you:
  3. Tensions are rising between China and America. The Chinese have recently threatened that is Americas doesn't stop supporting the Taiwanese revolution, China will launch a tactical nuclear strike against America and other NATO countries. Do you?
  4. As far as you can tell, you and a member of the opposite sex are the only two survivors in the country. You need to repopulate but he/she is unwilling to sleep with you. Do you:
  5. The apocalypse is here. Aliens, zombies or monsters are devastating the country, there's panicking in the countryside, rioting in the cities and chaos everywhere. What's your ideal mode of transport?
  6. You're driving out of a zombie infested city when you come across a teenage girl trapped on the roof of a small building. Do you:
  7. A virus has ravaged the Earth ready for a final showdown between God and Satan. So let's examine how clean your soul is...
  8. You hear gunfire in your street. Do you:
  9. Twenty years after the apocalypse, society has formed itelf back into small settlements and towns. What do you see yourself as in this harsh new world?
  10. Your home/haven is on fire. Mutants/zombies are surrounding the house, breaking through the windows and seeking out those inside. You and your wife are struggling to get out of a window. You're outside, but she's gotten stuck, and zombies are coming arond

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