Zombie Surviving

What if the world we know was thrown into a zombie apocalypse. Will you know the correct things to do to survive? Or will you die miserably by your stupid mistakes.

Do you know how to survive zombies? Small mistakes will end you or your companions life. Test your witts and see if you are worthy of survival. The best weapon against the undead is knowledge.

Created by: Lenny Xiong
  1. First off, how do you kill a zombie?
  2. Which is best to travel on?
  3. Best firearm to use against zombies?
  4. You go into a house for shelter and find some weapons. Which one do you use?
  5. What time of day is best to travel at?
  6. Which of these horrible locations is best to survive at?
  7. You live in a house in the middle of the city. What do you do when an outbreak happens?
  8. In your group a man shows signs of sickness so you check him and find a bite mark on his hip. What do you do?
  9. Is there a cure?
  10. A large group with women, children, and men who seem to be doing well crosses you and your few companions path. They ask you to join them.
  11. While walking the streets you spot a weak zombie crawling towards you.
  12. Sleeping could be a terrible obstacle in your survival. How do you solve this problem?
  13. While in an alley you spot a chopper fly over you. How do you get his attention?
  14. Before entering a room, you do what?
  15. In theory zombies retain their past memories and is said to wander back home.
  16. According to Resident Evil lore, after a certain time that a zombie is not killed it will mutate into a...
  17. Obviously for survival you'd have to scavenge for supplies. Before that what is necessary?

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