zombie invasion scenario quiz

this is real life scenario quiz for people who wish to know how much chance of surviving they have during a zombie outbreak zombies are afterall, quite exceptional creatures and it takes real skill to beat one

are you zombie genius, do you want to know how long you will last in a zombie infested world, thanks to this great quiz you can find out Do you have the brainpower or brawn to beat those living dead

Created by: chd cotto
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  1. if your on the beach and rotting body comes out of the ocean what do you do?
  2. you need to leave, where do you go to?
  3. your surrounded by zobies waht weopons do you use?
  4. if you have to choose who you will take on an escape expedition how many do you choose?
  5. what is your choice of escape vehicle?
  6. killing zombies, what is the best place to do it?
  7. on the run where do you get food?
  8. what sort of gun will you use to kill the invadors?
  9. how should you catch and/or kill the zombies?
  10. if you had to run non-stop how long could you last?

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