Would You survive a zombie outbreak?

This quiz is entirely fictional. I created it because i am a zombie fanatic. It asks questions about basic survival techniques crucial to any zombie invasion.

Would you survive a zombie attack? Or would you be one of the first people to convert to the legion of the undead? TAke this amazing quiz and find out!!!!!

Created by: cortney
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  1. "I think that the best type of clothing to wear during a zombie invasion is:
  2. MY choice weapon against the undead is a:
  3. if a member of my family or one of my friends turned into a zombie i would:
  4. The perfect place to live during a zombie invasion is:
  5. the best way to travel during a zombie invasion is in:
  6. the best form of transportation during a zombie invasion is:
  7. the best strategy to use to against the living dead is:
  8. the best way to dispose of the bodies is to:
  9. true or false:the only way to turn into a zombie is to be bitten by one.
  10. true or false: chopping a zombie's head off is equvalent to shooting it in the head.

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