Would you survive a zombie outbreak?

Picture the scene - you switch the T.V on, settle down infront of it, and flick through the channels. On every single channel is the news that there has been a horrific viral outbreak. What's more - the 'zombie like' victims are feeding on other people like cannibals and passing on the virus too.

If ever you came across a '28 days' or 'Resident Evil' situation - would you survive with the resources that are available to you? Everything counts - age, location, your family. Would you survive a zombie attack?

Created by: Gemma

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  1. Do you drive a car or ride a motorcycle?
  2. Which of these statements best describes your running skills?
  3. How many of these items are available in your house? A serated knife, A pair of scissors, An axe, A screwdriver, A large padlock and key, A hammer, A pitchfork, A lighter...
  4. You're heading out to an abandoned shop for supplies, and there are bound to be a few infected cannibals lurking about. Which is the first weapon you reach for?
  5. What style of clothes do you mainly have hanging in your wardrobe?
  6. Do you regularly take part or are competant in any of these hobbies/skills? Archery, Darts, Martial Arts, Swimming, Boxing, Wrestling, Rugby, Shooting...
  7. Do you have any children?
  8. Which of these best describes the area in which you live?
  9. Which of these pets do you have?
  10. How many of these under-rated items do you have lying around the house? Matches, A torch, A first aid kit, Long thick rope, A can opener, Duct Tape, A saw...

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