The Prototype Zombie Survival Quiz

The threat of a zombie outbreak is considered by some to be the ultimate form of human extinction. Will you survive? What have you considered about a zombie outbreak? Take this prototype quiz to see if you'd survive.

Are you a born survivor? Do you live by zombie films and stories? If you do, and if you think you have what it takes to brave the horrors of a zombie-infested world... Give this quiz a try.

Created by: Rope a Lope
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  1. Let's start with the basics. It's about 9:00 PM and you turn on the news in your hotel room. You note a series of mysterious murders resulting in the cannibalizing of the victims. What do you do first?
  2. Okay, so you've decided to leave your apartment to check out all the commotion going on outside. When you get out there, you see a crowd of people huddled around a homeless man who seemingly died with a large chunk of flesh missing from his neck. You...?
  3. Let's talk supplies, what are you going to pick out first?
  4. So people call you crazy for leaving because you fear a zombie outbreak, but you don't care. Where do you head first?
  5. Let's say you ended up at Wal Mart by fluke, what section of the store do you feel is the most important to go to first?
  6. So after you've managed to leave Wal Mart with everything you needed, you stumble across a Military Surplus store. What weapon do you take?
  7. On your way out of the Military Surplus store you see something that looks just like a zombie walking towards you. When it moans, you're 90% sure of what it is. What course of action do you take?
  8. Now that you've [hopefully] gotten yourself out of that mess, you come across a used vehicle lot. Since the zombie threat hasn't spread too far yet, you can take your time... Or so you think. What do you pick?
  9. Which of your friends will you take with you, assuming they can follow you?
  10. It's now the middle of the night, you have broken into countless stores and gotten away with it because the police are too distracted with all the murders. What do you do now?

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