zst zombie survival test 2

there are many people who are scared of a zombie invasion but some might make it out alive take this quiz and it'll prove if you will survive a zombie apocalypse and if you are a true zombie survival expert

do you think you have the ability to survive a zombie invasion do you think you have the knowledge to surpass zombies survive and take the title of a true zombie survival expert?take this quiz and it will anser you questions

Created by: kingdok10
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how strong are you and don't lie
  2. how long can you run? don't lie
  3. do you know how to use weapons?
  4. do you know how to make exsplosives?
  5. if you see a group of 5-6 zombies and your alone which would be best?
  6. where is it best to shoot a zombie
  7. do you know how to drive?
  8. how much knowledge of the area you live in do you have? (don't lie)
  9. do you own any guns/melee weapons?
  10. what kind of place do you live in?
  11. does your home have any safe place? (again don't lie)
  12. do you have any escape plans in your home?

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