Unifius' "Zombie Contingency Plan" test

This quiz is about types of planners during a zombie apocalypse. Are you a survivor who focuses on your immediate survival, someone who focuses on (at most) a few days ahead, or someone who focuses on weeks ahead of yourself?

This is my second quiz about zombies. This one is more personal, delving into Zombie plans. There's 3 groups, but you'll see more as you progress. It's pretty short, but it's also pretty accurate.

Created by: Austin Ellacott

  1. What does your "Zombie survival" bag contain?
  2. Let's say it was food. What kind of food?
  3. Let's say it was weapons. What type?
  4. What's your ride?
  5. What's your main role in groups?
  6. What kind of Base Of Operations are you based in?
  7. How well defended is it?
  8. How many people do you plan to have with you?
  9. Let's say your food (the one in your "zombie survival" bag) runs out. What happens now?
  10. This quiz is kinda misleading; there isn't alot about contingency plans. This question is about them though. How many do you have?

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