Unifius' Uber "Zombie Survival Quiz

This is my 3rd (Hooray!) quiz about Zombies, being more accurate than the previous quiz. Some people will get a low score, it' part of life. Just keep your chin up, and face the Zombies staring!!

Here's some info about the quiz: A Runner Zombie is the kind of Zombie in Dawn Of The Dead. They are fast, smart and strong. The other kind of Zombie is a Moaner. These guys have the two broken ankles, moan (obviously) and are pretty easy to outwit.

Created by: Austin Ellacott
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What type of house do u have?
  2. How long does it take you to get at least 2 weapons?
  3. What guns would you LIKE to possess?
  4. What kind of melee weapon would you LIKE to possess?
  5. Back to your house. How long would it take u to barricade it EFFECTIVLEY?
  6. Where is your house located?
  7. You see a group of Zombies down the road. You have to ct quickly; what do u do?
  8. These next questions are a bit personal. What body shape are u in?
  9. How long/fast can u run?
  10. What is your mental state?
  11. What type of planner are you?
  12. How many survivors do u plan to have with u?
  13. What is your B.O.O? (Base Of Operations)
  14. Let's say u run into a vehicle warehouse. You're on your own. What do u take?
  15. Have you ever fired (and operated) a firearm?
  16. A large group of Zombies (say, over 100) are in front of u. You are only armed with a shotgun that has 5 shells. Are u screwed?
  17. Who would u have in your ideal survivor group?
  18. How long do u spend on the internet? (This includes watching the news)
  19. How much sleep do u need?
  20. Do u do martial arts?
  21. How many Zombie movies have u seen featuring Runners?
  22. Could u kill a family member/good friend without hesitation?
  23. Do u know how to setup traps for KILLING Zombies?
  24. Do you friends respect your Zombie obssession?
  25. Your main B.O.O (Base Of Operations) has been overrun while u were out! What do u do?
  26. If you've taken other Zombie Survival quizes, what did u usually get as a percentage?
  27. Does your job expect u to carry weapons?
  28. How do u kill a Zombie?
  29. Oh,No! You've been bitten! What do u do now?
  30. Can u do first aid?
  31. What kind of music do u want 2 be playing when kicking Zombie ass?

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