just another zombie survival quiz

can u survive take this quiz you find out what your chances of survival are in the zombie dissaster is. dont give up and have fun o and i need 150 letters ilove chesse i love chesse i like creamand dip and chips and lolly pops to

remember thing are not allways what they seen my advise(explore all angles)and because i need 150 letters i like cheese i like fruit i like bunnys and turtles 2 i like fish and lollypops

Created by: currly
  1. if you had a chioce on a building to hide in durring a zombie rampage what would it be?
  2. what weapon whould you pick in zombie rampage
  3. what kind of car whould you use in the rampage
  4. what whould you do if you where bit and u had many friends around you
  5. you have no one around youyour surrounded buy a ring of zombies, you have a gun with one bullet do you
  6. if u had a factory that u could get into what would it be
  7. if u could watch one channel what would it be
  8. you friend is about to be attacked! on the table you have a baseball bat a gun your remote.u use
  9. your safe ina house u heara bang on the door u
  10. you need to make it to a building u

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