Zombie Survival Quiz

A zombie attack is coming. Not many people will survive. But select few will know what to do. If you take this and don't live, then I suggest you go online and read up on zombies, I strongly suggest buying The Zombie Survival Guide (by Max Brooks). Quiz is based on Zombie Survival Guide.

I was in spired to make this quiz after I watched Dawn of th Dead. I saw people die that could have lived, If only they were a little more educated. If you take this, you'll know know your chances and study accordingly.

Created by: Jason
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  1. Do you own any guns?
  2. How skilled are you in maintaining a gun and the usage of them? (Cleaning, ammo ect.)
  3. What is you main weapon of choice?
  4. What is your secondary weapon?
  5. How often do you exercise?
  6. How long can you run at a good pace before having to stop?
  7. How many people would be in your group?
  8. A small group of zombies appear in your back yard, you...
  9. A zombie out break has just happened, where do you go?
  10. Where is the only place you can shoot a zombie to keep it down for good?
  11. What is your melee weapon of choice?
  12. How much ammo should be on you at all times?
  13. How good are you at shooting a gun accuracy wise?
  14. Your friend gets bit on the hand, its not a big bit though, you...
  15. Do you know how to Free run? (parkour, city jumping)
  16. Do you know your city, suburb, living area well?
  17. You, and your crew and walking, It will get dark very soon. A small house is on the horizon, what do you do?
  18. One of your friends calls you up. He has alot of ammo, guns, + food. He is alone and there are exactly 20 zombies outside, you...
  19. You get bit... what do you do?
  20. What is your vehicle of choice?
  21. *Last question* Do you hunt?

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