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  • 53%...smh

    PeinDanzo Mar 27 '15, 5:36PM
  • 87% oh yeah Im unstopable and ill never be eaten out thay way zomb----es its time to die!

    the_man Jan 16 '12, 2:57PM
  • Hmm 73% guys lets find each other and hang out in a crew when zombies invade we will kill alot and be ustoppable muhahahahaha!lol

    subzeroXGE Apr 15 '11, 12:25AM
  • You have a 79% chance of surviving a zombie attack

    [no urls] west-dead-rising.jp g KILLER- You have studied zombies and know much about them. You would kill about 30-40 zombies and would probably survive if you are with the right people

    Frank West2 May 26 '10, 8:16PM
  • Great, I've got 70. I'll be a good z-hunter!

    Parham6 May 1 '10, 7:37AM
  • I Got A 77& Of Surviving!

    D3l1n Apr 22 '10, 10:38PM
  • I got a 72%, I hope the zombies can't sprint like in Dawn of the Dead. If so I'll be hiding in my attic.

    Husky Ninja 74 Apr 4 '10, 5:42PM
  • 1st hahaha i like it i got an 80% to survive

    xxbAbYbUrNeRxx Jan 27 '10, 10:45PM

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