Zombie Survival Test

Welcome to the Zombie Survival Test! Will you survive a zombie outbreak? Will you have your brains eaten? Will you know what to do and where to go?

All Questions are based off Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide zombies... Good luck in the test!!! Yup.. That's all I got go into the test now.. Hurry up the introduction paragraph is over!

Created by: michael
  1. How many weapons should you carry during a zombie outbreak?
  2. Have you ever read Max Brooks - Zombie Survival Guide?
  3. What should you wear in a zombie outbreak?
  4. What do you use as a land vehicle during a zombie outbreak?
  5. Which long ranged weapon do you use against zombies?
  6. Which of these is the best place to hold out from a zombie outbreak?
  7. You have leave your house in the zombie outbreak where do you head?
  8. How many people do you bring with you during a zombie outbreak?
  9. Your in your fort and you see a group of other survivors what do you do?
  10. What are good close range weapons against zombies?
  11. Do you have a zombie plan? * Be honest *
  12. You wake up and turn on the T. V. And there is news of people biting each other and coming back to life.
  13. You see a group of 7 people all with pistols surrounded by at least 25 zombies. You think you can save them but you'll be using a lot of ammo.. What do you do?
  14. The Zombie Virus is called...
  15. Zombies can run.
  16. Zombies can climb.
  17. Zombies know can remember parts of their old lives.
  18. Zombies can swim.
  19. Zombies can survive underwater.
  20. Which is the best air transport during a zombie outbreak?

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