The Zombie Survival Quiz

This test will give you an idea on what would happen to you if you were involved in an outbreak. It will inform you and if your hopeless,or if you can hold your own against the living dead.

Blah BLah take up room.Zombie Brainsss kill the zombies brains.Bloooood .Stupid maker forcing my to write 150 words ya. Good day huh?resident evil rox!

Created by: Grant
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  1. You are shopping in a mall,and the tv reports a zombie outbreak in your city.
  2. Your friend falls out of the car while doing a drivebye on a zombie.You dont see any other zombies around.
  3. It is 1a.m. and your buddies stop the car in the middle of the highway, and out of you 6 buddies in the car, 3 of you sleep and the other 3 keep watch.
  4. Your friend somehow got infected and mutates in front of your eyes.
  5. You break into an armory but only have time to grab 1 wepon.
  6. Your little group decides they want to hide somewhere because they just radioded for help,and its on the way.
  7. One of your group is missing.
  8. You are 1 on 1 with an oncoming zombie limping at you with your gun and melee wepon.
  9. You see a dog bleeding on the side of the road.
  10. The rescue pilot refuses to let you friend on the helicopter cause he has been infected and will turn.
  11. Back to a cliff overlooking the ocen about 1oo foot drop. Army of zombies limping at ya. Wadaya do?
  12. You gf is infected.
  13. The kid that you always hated is out in the streets fighting for his life too.
  14. Bonus point. Whats the name of a virus that infects you?
  15. Is there an antidote?
  16. Bonus again,Alice worked for what in resident evil?

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