The Zombie Survival Test

''If zombies were real, what would I do?'' this is a question many people are asking themselves these days. Well folks, sorry to break it to you, but zombies ARE real. As real as you and me. I have come into possession of this highly classified document, my anonymous friend 'borrowed' it from the highest branch of the government itself. And now I share it with you, my fellow citizens. Do you have to take this test? By all means no. Would it help me survive instead of having my brains eaten out of my head? By all means yes. The choice is yours, choose wisely.

This test will test your survival instincts, as well as your knowledge of the undead. I may be executed for posting this on the internet, (the government said something about not wanting this to get out, on account of mass hysteria) but I think the public has a right to know and know how to defend themselves. Although I ask this of you, reader; mark what you would really do in the situation, not what would make you a hero. You'd be surprised.

Created by: Michael
  1. You are at home, watching TV (or reading the newspaper in the case that you don't have a TV) when you see a report about some killings. The report says that all the victims heads were cut off, and some had decayed. What would you do?
  2. You are taking a walk and you notice something that isn't right. You see a person limping towards you, uttering a low moan, hands outstretched. This person seems to have a wierd skin disease, it almost looks rotten. What do you do?
  3. A class two outbreak has occurred (one hundred people or so). You hear about it on the news (or in the newspaper). A minor warning has been issued, telling you to lock your doors and keep away from the windows. Plan of action?
  4. The city has been overrun. Evacuate as soon as possible. If in the event that evacuating isn't possible, fortify your house, and turn off all lites. You see on the newspapers front page, and you are unable to evacuate. What do you do?
  5. Your house was overrun, but you escaped. The zombies are hot on your trail. You need to get out of this city, fast. Coming across many abandoned vehicles, you think about taking one. Your choice?
  6. You make it out of the city. You haven't slept in over 48 hours though. You start to fall asleep as you travel. Where do you sleep?
  7. You come into close combat with a zombie. You have the quick chance to grab either a combat knife (6 inches long) or a metal baseball bat (3 feet). Your weapon choice?
  8. A horde of the undead have you surrounded. You can snatch one weapon from your stash, but just one. The undead are about 5 feet away. Choose carefully.
  9. The undead can communicate, True or False?
  10. You encounter some friends travelling as you are. They want to party up ''Theres safety in numbers'' they say. What do you do?
  11. You are starving, alone, and in the middle of nowhere. You stumble across an undead corpse corpse (two corpses because its already been dead once, its a bit confusing). You haven't eaten for days on end. And might have to resort to cannibalism to survive (h.
  12. Where did the zombie disease, infection, whatever you want to call it, originate from?
  13. What would be the best climate to go to and lay low be if a class 5 (in the upper millions of infected) incident occurred?
  14. True or False, Zombies eat other animals? (Think carefully).
  15. If you ever kill a horde of zombies, what should you do with the bodies?
  16. You break into a gun store, its completely abandoned and guns are everywhere. What do you do?
  17. You break into an armory (for the military) and see a few sets of armor left, completely intact. You can take one, because armors heavy. Your choice?
  18. You have fought long, hard, and brutal. But its just not enough. You are tired, your armor (whatever you picked) is torn up (or broken). You are sweaty and your eye-sight is doubling because of dehydration. You have a Colt .45 Magnum with one shot left, e.

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