zombie survival test

are you going to be able to survive a zombie apocalips or are you going to be eaten before you start to kill any thing well than you suck and dont deserve to be taking this test or be alive during z day so sorry but you suck to find out if you are worthy of living through zday

are you a zombie killing machene like me then try to score high on this test if you do than congradulations and talk to me some time when z day comes and maybe i will let you join the team i create or maybe ill keep you for zombie bait but i know for a fact i will keep you

Created by: alacard
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. you are at your house you go and turn the tv on all you see is news reports on every channel the news reporter tells you to bored up the house and dont go near the door what would you do
  2. your in the attic and you hear someone break in what do you do
  3. how in shape are you
  4. do you have a zombie survival plan
  5. what kind of vehicle would you take
  6. what kind of weapons would you have
  7. your girl friend is bitten what do you do
  8. after you have fought long and hard you have 10 bullets left and you are sorounded by zombies what do you do
  9. you are out of ammo in every thing and you can only reach one weapon what do you grab
  10. you have been bitten what do you do

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