can you survival the zombie attack

this is test is simply existant to test your skill in surviving th zombie invasions that will soon inhabit the planet.when you take this test,think of all kinds of other survival tips that will keep you alive in the enviroment.don't feel bad if you can't.i only got a 50% on some guys test.

Are you hoestly good enough to live through the most terrifieing of times,when zombies rule the earth.will you be a true commando,or will you just shake in your boots and cry for mommy?!!!!now you can know what it feels like,to think about these thoughts.good luck

Created by: daniel
  1. What weapon would you prefere in a zombie invasion?
  2. you stuck in a place with no food.where do you go for food?
  3. someone you know is infected and doesn't look like he's gonna make it.what do you do?
  4. What do you do if your in jail?
  5. how many people will you have in your group?
  6. you can only hold 1 more person.who is it?
  7. mutated creatures block your path.what do you do?
  8. you find some weed that yur friend left before he died.What to do?
  9. one of your people thretened to kill himself.What do you do?
  10. the zombies are in the building and your gun is out of ammo ecsept one

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Quiz topic: Can I survival the zombie attack