the zombie survival guide quiz

there are so many zombie quizzes out there, but really how much do you really know? have you read the survival guide? test your knowledge here and see if you could survive

do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse that is dawning upon us? do you know what to do when your home is under attack? do you know what your best means of depense would be? will your dog fluffy turn into a zombie and turn on the family? take this quiz and find out!

Created by: karahmia07
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  1. first off have you read the zombie survival guide?
  2. what is the zombie virus called?
  3. how many classes of zombie outbreak are there?
  4. do zombies have any special powers?
  5. where is the safest place to create a base of operations?
  6. what is the best mode of transportation?
  7. true or false: when traveling or on the run you should remain in a large group 10+ people.
  8. what is one of the best items to have for close combat?
  9. ok time for scenario questions... you are in a group of 5 people, and see several people running towards you and away from a group of 20+ zombies... what do you do?
  10. true or false: animals can be infected by the zombie virus.
  11. scenario 2: you have fortified your home and made it your base of operations. But then a horde zombies break through your defenses. what do you do?
  12. how do you secure an area that was once infested with the undead?
  13. who wrote the zombie survival guide?

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