the branflake zombie survival quiz

a zombie infectio has broken out and people are dying every were and zombie after zombie its tourcher and will you say "mom weres uncle Lews shotgun"? or will you say o s*** we ar so screwed we are going to die we is going to die god save us" only god wont be listening because god didnt create this mess we did so you have to surive it on your own.

will you survive or will you end up an infected piece of crap like your stupid friend? will you live through the worst of it or die within the first 24 hours in a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: brandon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if a zombbie breakout occured what video game would you base your survival plan on
  2. what would your weapon of chose be?
  3. how many people would you take along if you were traaveling through a city
  4. what would you do to survive long term?
  5. you find wounded newfoundland dog (huge dog thats nice and can be a very good guard dog and watch dog) you look at him and see that he is big strong and throwable his injury will heal in a few days and theres a flock of zombies across the street blocking your path what do you do?
  6. do you play a lot of videogames or watch a lot of tv be truthfull because this will help with the next question?
  7. what kind of movies do you watch?
  8. you find refugee camp all survivorrs have small arms but barley know how to use them they have food and shelter but they wont share, and wont let you in what do you do?
  9. can you operate a weapon like any thing at all
  10. do you think all life is precious

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