The True Zombie Survival Quiz

Do you have what it takes to survive? Do you have what it takes to remain immune? This true zombie survival quiz dives into the statistics of Z-Day and determines the possible outcome of your life. Right now I am rambling on and on pointlessly because for this paragraph and the next, I need at least 150 charicters, and I tried to put in slashes, but it wouldn't let me, so without further ado here is my quiz!

Please answer all questions truthfully. Can you survive Z-Day and the hardships to follow? Will you remain alive long enough to join the revolution? If you join a group, what role would you be? A leader? A worker? A medic? A scout? A scribe? A strategist? A soldier? A builder? What are you? Find out by taking this unique quiz, for this is very accurate, and will determine if you live or die...

Created by: Black Pyro
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  1. Welcome to the Z-Day survey, this will determine not only your chance at survival, but it will determine what position you would most likely be assigned to in a group. Now first question: What will give you the least chance of survival?
  2. Why do zombies moan?
  3. if you get this one wrong, it will not take away points. What is the formula for Ammonia Cloride?
  4. An E.S.C. is what?
  5. Answer this one truthfully: Your best friend trips over a root in a forest while fleeing from zombies with you, his leg is injured, and he can't stand or walk. What do you do? (ANSWER TRUTHFULLY, EACH ANSWER HAS ITS OWN UPS AND DOWNS!!!)
  6. A zombie corners you in a building, in a dead end in a hallway. All you have is a pistol, which is out of ammo, and a butcher's knife, what do you do?
  7. You are on a street surrounded by advancing zombies, there are no breaks among them, all you have is a pistol, with only a couple of bullets left, and a hunting knife, what do you do?
  8. You see someone on the ground injured clutching their arm where they have a big slash there, what do you do?
  9. Personal Question01: ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS ABSOLUTELY TRUTHFULLY What is your hair like?
  10. Personal Question02: What would you say you're building skills are like?
  11. How is your experience with a gun?

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