Unifius' third or fourth Zombie survival Quiz. (This time, it's p

Welcome, welcome to my 3rd (or 4th) Zombie Survival quiz. All my others have been quite good successes, but for reasons unknown, they were all taken off. Who knows why? This quiz was created to see how well you'd do on Z-Day.

How well would you do on Z-Day? That is the real question. Please note, this quiz uses Solanum Zombies (If you are unaware of this term, think George A. Romero's Zombies). I have left out the question: "How do you kill a Zombie?" as this is almost common knowledge.

Created by: Unifius
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  1. What type of house do you own/live in?
  2. What kind of area do you live in? (The amount of people in a several mile radius)
  3. What vehicle do you own/know how to operate?
  4. Now, we're going to have to get a bit personal (Hence the quiz's title). How reguarly do you exercise in a 7-day week? (If you exercise for 2 and a half hours, just click "under 3 hours")
  5. What does your diet mainly consist of?
  6. Do you have any Survival/Contingency plans for a Zombie epidemic?
  7. What weapons do you actually own? (and have ammo, if required, for?)
  8. Have you read any survival guides? (The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks counts, but also any S.A.S stuff)
  9. Let's talk of some scenarios. Scenario One: You wake up, thinking everything's just another normal day. But, ala Shaun of the Dead, you "find" two Zombies in your garden! You know you have to deal with them, and soon, but how?
  10. Scenario two: You're on the road; no vehicle and with only a friend and a small supply of food. You have a crowbar, your friend has a large hunting knife. You need somewhere to hole up. But where?
  11. Scenario 3: After being holed up in a castle for roughly two weeks, you and 13 other survivors (14 in total) need to escape. You are surrounded by a literal moat of 1,000+ Zombies. They can't get in through the door, and you can't get out that way. What do you do?
  12. Scenario 4: You are on your own. All of the other survivors you were with have been killed. Looking at your map, you see a gun store is literally 5mins away. What gun(s) do you take, if any? (You also take ammo as well)
  13. Scenario 5: Your best friend has been bitten. 5 survivors are saying let him kill himself, another 5 are saying that someone else should kill him, another 5 are saying he should be set free, to get as far away as possible, and another 5 say that there may be a cure. What option do you choose?
  14. Final question: If you do have a Zombie survival plan, what does it entail?

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