Zombie survival quiz

Come and try my Zombie Survival Quiz its all about if you could survive in a zombie outbreak in your city and how you would be going and choosing what you would do. So come and have ago at it please.

My Quiz wont take long only about 10-20 minutes if you tell the truth in it. If you ever thought you could survive in a zombie outbreak then take this Quiz and see if you really could and if you actually are a genius in a crisis like that.

Created by: Justin
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  1. If you get in line for a roller coaster how tall are you for it? (Dont Lie)
  2. What length is your hair? (Dont Lie)
  3. How well can you run? (Dont Lie)
  4. Ho would you say your physical Strength is? (Dont Lie)
  5. What sort of body type do you think you have? (Dont Lie)
  6. How much of a heavy sleeper are you?
  7. Can you stay awake if needed? (Dont Lie)
  8. Do you get Bored easily (Dont Lie)
  9. Are you a bit of a Mechanic gear head? (Dont Lie)
  10. What is your role in a Group?
  11. When you watch a scary movie what do you do?
  12. How would you say your experience with firearms? (Guns, etc) (Dont Lie)
  13. Scenario: If an outbreak has occured and you find some survivors what would be the first thing you do? (Dont Lie)
  14. Where do you live? (Dont Lie)
  15. Which is best to use in a zombie outbreak? (Think about the uses)
  16. If an outbreak occured where would YOU go?
  17. Your best friend has been bitten what do you do?
  18. When would be the best time for you to travel in an outbreak?
  19. Your friend has hurt there leg badly and cant walk without your help what do you do?
  20. You decide to travel somewhere in an outbreak how do you travel?
  21. You find a gun store and decide to raid it. What gun do you take?
  22. What is the first thing you do when you enter a building?
  23. Do you know how to make explosives? (Dont Lie)
  24. What sort of clothes do you usually where?
  25. When Choosing a knife what sort of end do you want it to have?
  26. If you were travelling to a location how would a large group be?
  27. If you had 50 rounds of ammunition for the guns below, which one would be the heaviest? (Hard)
  28. When preparing to enter a closed room you should....
  29. When a Zombie is approaching you which is the best way to fire upon it?
  30. If your defending a location, large groups would be...
  31. Which Location is best to fortify? (Think about this one)
  32. When Attacking a zombie where is your goal to hit them? (Too easy)
  33. Zombies will eat...
  34. When zombies find someone to eat what do they do?
  35. Zombies must eat to survive
  36. During an emergency you could treat...
  37. Dead people can be brought back to life by a bite of a zombie
  38. The safety on a gun is where?
  39. When puttin a new clip of ammunition in a gun what do you do first?
  40. A Grenade is useful against a group of zombies

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