Unifius' Zombie Survival Quiz (Again)

This is my 4th quiz about Zombies. My other two (Unifius' Zombie Survival Quiz + Unifius' Uber Zombie Survival Quiz) have mysteriously vanished. This isn't as good as before, as i'm working on a libary computer.

This quiz details about your knowledge of Zombies. Whether your an obsessed freak (ie, me) or just taking this quiz because your bored, please take to heart your result.

Created by: Austin
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  1. You see a group of Zombie at the far end of your street. You have about half an hour before they reach your posistion. What do you do?
  2. What is your blunt weapon of choice?
  3. What is your edged weapon of choice?
  4. What length is your hair?
  5. What body type do you have?
  6. What type of vehicle do you own/could get in half an hour?
  7. How do you kill a Zombie?
  8. How many plans do you have for Z-Day?
  9. How many people would you want helping you for Z-Day?
  10. If you said you had people helping you, who were they?
  11. A simple senario: You feel uneasy, so you barricade your house. Moments later, a horde of Zombies start banging against your doors + windows. What do u do now?
  12. How many melee weapons do you have about the house?
  13. How many guns do you own?
  14. Do you have survival training?
  15. Do you know how to operate firearms?
  16. A friend/family member has (literally) just been bit. What do you do?
  17. Have you read the "Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks?
  18. How many movies have you seen starring the Undead?
  19. Where do you live?
  20. How do you cure a Zombie bite?
  21. What is your firearm of choice?
  22. When you're playing on any kind of Zombie game, Do you make the Zombies slow or fast?
  23. Do Zombies have the same pain threshhold as Humans?
  24. Do you get bored easily?
  25. Your main B.O.O (Base Of Operations) has been breached! Where do you go now?
  26. (Almost)Last question: What music do you want playing when Zombie Hunting?
  27. (Last question) Oh, No! Somehow, you have been killed. (you havn't reanimated, and won't) What music do you want at your funeral? (This doesn't affect your score)

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