Zombie Survival Test Wee

In a zombie apocalypse there are two roles...Zombies: They want to make you play for their side. That is pretty much their only goal in their un-life. They are for the most part.. slow, unyielding, unintelligent, massive in number, super strong, and did I mention they want to eat your brains? Humans: Survival and rebuilding civilization is their goal. For the most part... physically weak, intelligent, squishy, spontaneous.

Will your amazing knowledge of the zombie menace allow you to navigate through a zombie apocalypse with ease? Will your physical and mental capabilities be enough to keep you alive... or will you fall before the unrelenting sea of undead? There's real world logic behind these answers.... Fair warning! :D

Created by: Kyle G
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the length of your hair?
  2. How strong are you?
  3. Do you have good eyesight?
  4. Are you a picky eater?
  5. How much food do you consume at an average dinner?
  6. How much do you exercise usually?
  7. How long can you run for?
  8. How much first aid training have you had?
  9. How long do you sleep for on average?
  10. You're alone in an alley way with a single zombie, What do you do?
  11. Which one of these is shotgun ammunition?
  12. You're friend gets bitten by a zombie, What do you do?
  13. Have you ever fired a gun?
  14. How long can you function well without sleep?
  15. Can you keep yourself from becoming bored?
  16. Whats your mechanical know how?
  17. If your working in a group, what role do you usually play?
  18. Where do you live?
  19. Which is the most useful here?
  20. When you first hear on the news that there's an outbreak, where do you go?
  21. You need food to last any longer. When do you travel outside to look for it?
  22. If you have to travel on the roads to get to an important location, which method do you use?
  23. If you can only carry one weapon (ammo included), which would it be?
  24. You enter a seemingly empty building, what do you do first?
  25. Which of these makeshift weapons should/could you make?
  26. How do you enter a suspicious closed room?
  27. What style of clothing do you wear?
  28. When fighting a zombie, whats your goal?
  29. What do zombies eat?
  30. What weapon here should be preferred to use against a zombie horde?
  31. Does your zombie grandma remember when you baked cookies together when you were 7?
  32. Where is the safety on a gun usually located?
  33. Which weapon shouldn't be used against a mob of zombies?
  34. How much wood would a zombie chuck chuck if a zombie chuck could chuck wood?
  35. Are you sexy?
  36. Wanna go on a date after we kill all the zombies?
  37. So who are you? (your answer determines your score)
  38. I think I'm insane at this point in the quiz?

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