live or die? the zombie survival quiz

so, you wake up and there are zombies surounding your house. how does a zombie die? will you survive? how many do you think you can kill? take this test and find out.

what happens when a zombie outbreak infects the world? will you survive or be victim to a horrible demise? find out and see if you've got what it takes.

Created by: alex
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  1. you see a news broadcast of sick looking people attacking others. there are safty places set up around your city what do you do?
  2. you live in a...
  3. how do you kill a zombie
  4. which of these is the best choice
  5. which gun do you pick
  6. which building do u barricade or use as a hideout
  7. what type of transportation would you use
  8. you pass up a group of people being attacked by zombies. you . . .
  9. what is the best time to travel
  10. you pass up a person who looks like hes been you. . .
  11. which is the best place to hide

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