zombie survival quiz

If you think you are a zombie genius and survive a zombie Apocalypse then come on and take this quiz to find out if you will survive or become a zombie

If you pass then you will be ready for when this happens and if get 85%-100% then better be ready to help other people some people will probably not be ready for it and you will have to save them along with half the U.S. maybe

Created by: bobby
  1. If zombies attack what is the first thing you would grab?
  2. If you see a zombie what should you do?
  3. If you are in a building what should you do if something wants in?
  4. What is the best way to kill a zombie?
  5. Where is the best place to go when a zombie is spotted?
  6. How well can you drive?
  7. What is best?
  8. What are you best at using?
  9. Can you shoot really good?
  10. How many people would you have with you if a zombies attacked?

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