will you survive the zombies?

if you can survive the zombie apocalypse,you are the guy who kills a lot of zombies like rambo except not rambo.speaking of rambo your not rambo.yep you heard me.

Have you seen dawn of the dead or any other zombie films? if so, take this quiz,and kick some zombie butt!!!!!!!!!!!i dont know if you know your zombies but you probably do if youve read the zombie survival guide by max brooks.also read world war z.

Created by: john
  1. how do you become a zombie?
  2. how do you kill a zombie?
  3. are xplosives effective on zombies?
  4. how can you tell a zombie from a human?
  5. do you know what a firearm is?
  6. do you have any firearms?
  7. pick a vehicle
  8. do you know what the lawson film is?
  9. have you ever fired a gun?
  10. are you immortal?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombies?