Would You Survive A Zombie OutBreak? (According to the Resident E

Most zombie outbreaks last for a long time. And most of these zombies are either dumb or smart. Take this quiz if you want to know how long or if you'll really survive.

Do you have what it takes to survive this madness? Do you have the skills to fight the zombies? Do you even know what they look like? Take a few minutes and answer this quiz! PS: The results descriptions aren't all that good, sorry.

Created by: Jonah Syfu

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  1. First off, which of the following Melee weapons would you take?
  2. Hypothetically or Imagine: Which of the following Guns (That you already have and have little ammo) would be used best for 3 Zombies that aren't too far away and have distance to each other?
  3. How will you kill a normal zombie? (The ones before Resident Evil 4 took place)
  4. Once the virus spreads all over the world, where would be the best place to hide?
  5. When traveling, which of the following cars or motorcycles would you take? (Only you without anyone yet)
  6. When a friend gets bitten, what would you do?
  7. Hypothetically again: When you're alone and you're cornered by 10-15 zombies, what would you do?
  8. You are about to be bitten then time stops and you get a last minute super power of any of the ff., which would it be?
  9. You come across another team with around 30-50 people in it. You then talk to their leader, you say by taking this much people along would only get themselves killed, then he offers that you take some of his members. How many will you take and you only have 3 people in your troop?
  10. You and your troop (This time your troop has 9 members) come across someone who works for Umbrella. That person says he has the antidote for the disease. Most of your troop says take it, but your closest friends say no. He can't be easily trusted. It could just worsen the situation. Well? Would you take it?
  11. You finally find the cure for all of this! But then Wesker (Re-incarnated) enters the room then he says give it back. You say no, then you enter a long and frustrating battle. Your partner is about to fall of the edge, while the cure slipped off your pocket and is also hanging on the other side with Wesker taunting you. Which would you save?
  12. Why did you choose that? (Previous Answer) Will still affect score.
  13. With Wesker killed (With the cure or partner with you or not, depending on your choice before) what would you do next?
  14. Taking place before your final fight with Wesker, how would you know if the enemy is a normal zombie and not a Majini? (This is necessary.)
  15. You come across about 4 strangers, but you can only take one more in your SUV. Which would you take?

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