Another Zombie Outbreak Quiz

With all the hype flowing around these zombie survival quiz, I figured I may as well make my own. After all, I am bored as hell and have way too much time on my hands. Maybe I should get a hobby... So, would YOU survive a zombie outbreak?

Well, would you? There are many quizzes out there that claim to have the answer, but only one can really tell you the answer. And for most of them, the answer of so obvious it is not even worth taking. So take this quiz and find out for real! Also, be sure to look out for some more of my quizzes coming out like: "Does she like you?"

Created by: Bob
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  1. Where would you live during the outbreak? Think about it- this will affect the number of zombies but also the number of supplies available.
  2. What would be your weapon of choice? Consider power, availability, ammunition, range, and accuracy.
  3. How big of a group of survivors would you have? You can have more firepower, but will attract more zombies?
  4. Would you remain stationary, or travel between towns/cities? Consider defense and supplies?
  5. How would you travel? Assume that you had enough for your entire group. Consider fuel and defense, as well as availability and speed.
  6. What kind of defenses would you have for your base? Check the last option if you selected "mobile" for question 6. Consider defense, ease of putting up, and availability of materials.
  7. What would you choose as a base? Check the last option if you selected "mobile" in question 6.
  8. What would be your sidearm/secondary weapon of choice? Consider the things in question 4, but also consider bulkiness and weight.
  9. Where would you store or keep your weapons?
  10. What would be your Melee weapon of choice? Consider power, weight, and effectiveness against zombies.
  11. What would be your strategy against small groups of zombies?
  12. What would be your strategy against large hordes of zombies?
  13. What do you do if the zombies have penetrated your defenses at your base? Check the last option if you selected "mobile" for question 6.

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