Zombie quiz by Isaac

This quiz will test your knowlege of surviving in a zombie outbreak! Pretty cool huh? Here are some more words to make this paragraph longer against my own free will... hula hoops, staples, pelet, CD, cat... that's proberbly enough.

Would you survive a zombie outbreak? If yes go and prove it. If no do it anyway, there might be a special message or prize at the end! "WOW REALY? I WANT A PRIZE!" well then come and get it... Disclaimer: actual prize does not exist.

Created by: Isaac
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the first thing you do in a zombie outbreak?
  2. What do you take with you in a zombie outbreak?
  3. Where is the best place to survive in a Zombie Outbreak?
  4. What is the best melee weapon to use against zombies?
  5. Would you give your last piece of food to your friend in a zombie outbreak?
  6. What is the best ranged weapon to use against zombies long range?
  7. What is the MOST USEFULL melee weapon to use in a zombie outbreak?
  8. What is the best ranged weapon to use against zombies short range?
  9. You are surounded by zombies, you have a sword, a handgun, and a can of "whup ass" what do you do?
  10. The Final Question, do you beleave there will ever be a zombie invasion?

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