Zombie Outbreak Test

Hello, this is the Zombie Outbreak Test, or the ZOT. Follow through the storyline to your ultimately approaching death. This is a requried test in the state.

You are about to begin the ZOT. Please, do you best and remember, to die is not always the worst option. Remember all you can and try yor best. -The State.

Created by: kantuno

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  1. You hear on the TV about crazy people killing randomly. You immedatley grab your ________ and go to your friends house.
  2. On the way, your car skids into a ditch. You get out unharmed, and hot-wire the nearest_______.
  3. You make it to yor friends neighborhood, and his neihbor runs out to your car. She hits the side. You ________ _____.
  4. You get to his house and see 5 zombies in his yard. You ___________________.
  5. You are inside his house and he is infeted. you ________.
  6. You take his car keys and drive to the militry base, Ft. Delta. You go in and are shot at. You ________.
  7. They let you in, with 100 other people. Suddenly 1 man attackes anther. You ________.
  8. You are told to leave and run to the woods. You follow the road to a small cabin. You go in _______ ready.
  9. You are alone inside and find a TV. You ______.
  10. A zombie leaps out at you. You swing your Bat at its _________.
  11. You miss and it bites. You then kill it and __________.

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