zombie survival quiz

there are many people who can survive a zombie outbreak. you are truly exceptional. spread this to your friends to see if you have a better chance than them.

can you survive a zombie outbreak. test your chances of surviving. take the quiz and find out if you have what it takes to truly survive a zombie outbreak

Created by: ace conners
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  1. Where would you first seek refuge for shelter
  2. have you shot a gun before (does not count if you didn't have live target)
  3. what kind of house do you live in
  4. how often do you exersize
  5. whats your job
  6. you are trapped in a basement when you are looking for supplies in a abandoned home then suddenly zombies start banging on the door.There is a chainsaw,revolver w/ammo, gasoline tank, ax, and a table. What do you do
  7. how well are you at building makeshift shelters
  8. what things can you not live without
  9. what type of vehicle can you opperate
  10. where would you sleep at night
  11. you are in a junkyard what do you look for first
  12. if a zombie were to break into your home could you find something to defend yourself in 30 seconds
  13. what sports do you play
  14. you are bit by a zombie what do you do
  15. what type of zombie are you afraid of
  16. what is your choice of weapon
  17. 10 zombies have breached your shelter what do you do
  18. Last question are you addicted to your electronics

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