zombie outbreak

you must think, many people in the world dont thing a zombie outbreak could ever really happen, but what if there is, people wont have a backup plan and probebly die, but what about you? will you survive?

will you survive the d-day outbreak, lets see, and test if you are even capeable of surviving one single day, so take my quiz and find out, will you survive the zombir outbreak?!?!

Created by: angel arteaga
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  1. how fit, strong, or wise are you?
  2. where would you hold out in for a shelter?
  3. if you found youself face to face with a running zombie,and have only 2 shotgun shells, what would you do
  4. if you found 4 other survivers, what would you do
  5. if you and your group found youselves in the middle of a street and with several hordes of zombies rushing at you and you had only 2 mags of an m-16, what would you do?
  6. you now figured out that their are now infected that have almost super strength, ones that san pull you to it with very long solid toungs and ones that can jump very fast and high, and are now face to face with 2 of each, and you only have 20 spas-12 shotgun shells and a group of 2 friends and 3 family members
  7. if one member of you grop is wounded on the ground, and their are several hordes comeing to you, what do you do?
  8. you have almost made it to a rescue spot, but their is a huge bridge you must pass first, but if you lower the bridge to get across a loud sound will alarm thousands of hordes, and many very "special" infected, but you mast to get across, what do you do
  9. the evacuation center you have reached has just been destroyed and you must now try to find a way out, what do you do?
  10. you manage to find someone alive with a can and get a ride to a hotel and get to the top where there is a helicopter and a pilot waiting for you, but right as you get in you discover the pilot is infected and manages to bite you, what do you do?

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