zombie survival quiz based on the book by max brooks

There are many reasons for a possible zombie outbreak. some of them well founded and researched, others.., well others not so. This quiz will deal with the mot realistic and likley form of zombie [believe me ive done my research].

do you know exactly what you and your family would do if an outbreak occured. more importantly do you think you will survive. find out with this quix.

Created by: zach

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  1. How do you spot a potential zombie outbreak in todays media?
  2. which weapon is best against zombies.
  3. which is the better type of weapon while in a city.
  4. where is best to settle down in a zombie takeover?
  5. what do zombies eat?
  6. what is he virus that create zombies
  7. a massive zombie horde is comming to get you. what is the best defense?
  8. what water is safe to drink in a zombie outbreak.
  9. how strong are you?
  10. you or a freind have been bitten, what do you do?
  11. what clothes are best to wear in a zombie apocalypse.
  12. How do you intend to get food.
  13. when moving through a populated area it is best to move in what sized groups?
  14. what food is best to carry?
  15. you become aware of a potential zombie outbreak. what do you do?
  16. the outbreak has escalated you need to leave. what mode of transport do you take.
  17. how many people do you take with you when you leave town?
  18. you need to escape town. what sized groups do you go in.
  19. you need to settle down. where do you go.
  20. where do you get your food?
  21. A large zombie horde is approaching. what do you do?
  22. on a tactical scale, how do you battle the zombie horde?
  23. you are losing the battle. The fort is surrounded by zombies. what do you do.

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