Final Zombie Survival Test

Of all the dangers facing the world today, the one thing most people forget about is the threat of a Zombie Apocolypse. While maybe it wont happen tomorrow or even next week, surely it would be good to know that you are prepared for the worst, should that day come.

Could YOU overcome the obsticals and make it through to see days WITHOUT hordes of undead roaming the streets? Take this test, based on knowlage, facts and figures which are NOT based simply on Holywoods horror flicks, to find out. And try to awnser honestly, if you want an honest result.

Created by: LewisDTC
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  1. Personal Question: Realisticly, you can lift:
  2. Personal Question: Realisticly, you can run at full speed for:
  3. Theory Question: Typically, having access to a limitless armory, which would you choose to fight the horde?
  4. Theory Question: Typically, you would prefer to fight the horde at:
  5. Theory Question: Typically, the best time to fight the horde would be:
  6. Know your Enemy: Which of these should be assumed to by true about the horde?
  7. Know your Enemy: Which of the following will NOT kill a zombie?
  8. Know your Enemy: In addition to direct Infection, Zombification is spread by:
  9. Know your enemy: The chance of infection from a bite is:
  10. Know your Enemy: The time between Infection and Reanimation is:
  11. Teamwork: The Most important member of a group is:
  12. Teamwork: Which of the following would be the best addition to a small group of lightly armed, untrained civillians.
  13. Teamwork: Upon meeting a survivor your first action will be:
  14. Situational theory: You and two of your group are surrounded by Zombies, cut off from the rest of your group. You have two handguns and both of your allys are more accurate than you. What do you do?
  15. Situational theory: You and your group are fleeing from Zombies and are too lightly armed to fight. the chase is exhausing and yet you cannot seem to find a suitable hiding location. What do you do?
  16. Situational theory: In a close range struggle with some Zombies, a valuable member of your group is injured. he is unsure whether the injury was caused by a Zombie or by falling onto some broken glass during the fight. Not wanting to put the group in unnecessary danger, he decides to let you decide what to do.
  17. Situational theory: Fleeing from some Zombies, you find yourself alone at a military armory, some weapons still remain and you may choose to take some with you. You choose:
  18. Skills Question: Can you Operate firearms? (Operating includes Shooting, loading and reloading, chambering, and performing basic maintenance, not just Shooting.)
  19. Skills Question: What skill do you have with Melee weapons. (for the purpose of the question, Bladed, Blunt and Spiked weapons are deemed as differant weapon types.)
  20. Skills Question: What level of martial arts or unarmed combat can you fight at?
  21. Skills Question: What is the highest level of first aid can you administer?
  22. Skills Question: What sort of vehicles can you operate?
  23. Psycology question: Survivors are useful:
  24. Psychology Question: What are your long term plans for survival?
  25. Psychology Question: What would justify the killing of a member of your group?
  26. Preparation Question: Do you expect a Zombie outbreak?
  27. Final Question: Above all, you belive:

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