A test of zombie survival

Zombies. When they appear, what will you do to survive? Will you risk your life for others? Or become a ruthless person who believes in only survival?

These questions and more will be answered by taking this no-so-perfect constructed quiz. Here your some of your questions may be answered, while some (and by some I mean ALOT) will not be answered. This was my first attempt at a quiz so not all of it will be good. So anyways, thank yo u for your time and I do have a reason for writing this junk, but I cannot state it. Thank You.

Created by: Joey
  1. How would you describe your fitness?
  2. Which weapon would be best used?
  3. Which would be the best to barricade?
  4. Have you ever killed another living thing before?
  5. What is your experience in the wild?
  6. A friend of yours is infected. You would...
  7. The beginning of the Apocolyptic Zombie Outbreak has occured. You would first....
  8. What does the word explosives mean to you?
  9. The best way to travel is by using...
  10. Explosives against a zombie is...
  11. You find yourself trapped by a group of zombies. You are armed with only a Shotgun, Lighter, and a bowie knife. You would first,
  12. What are your experience with firearms?
  13. Which is the best out of the following?
  14. What is your knowledge with health related problems?

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