Zombie Defense and Apocalypse Survivor Test

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This is a VERY REALISTIC test to EVALUATE your current situation and aptitude to determine your survival chances in a Zombie Apocalypse. This test does not have hypothetical questions based on random situations with limited choices. This test asks you to best describe your current situation to best forecast your survival rating.

Take this test to evaluate your current status. Based on your honest answers, you will be assigned a grade, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, or Fox. Will you survive based on your current status should this occur presently? Will you be less likely to aid others, or drag them down due to your lack of preparedness? Good look.

Created by: 7DaysDead
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  1. Which best describes WHERE YOU LIVE?
  2. Do you REQUIRE any MEDICATION or ASSISTANCE to sustain normal function?
  3. What is your current BODY MASS INDEX?
  4. Do you have any EMERGENCY MEDICAL training?
  5. Do you have any EXPERIENCE with EMERGENCY MEDICAL application?
  6. Do have any training with handling Blood Borne pathogens?
  7. Do have any training with dealing with Air Borne pathogens?
  8. Do you have any TRAINING or KNOWLEDGE for quarantines?
  9. Do you have any UNARMED combat training?
  10. Do you have any MILITARY combat training?
  11. Do you have immediate (within 30 secs) ACCESS to FIREARMS?
  12. Do you have experience OPERATING FIREARMS?
  13. Do you have immediate ACCESS (with in 30 sec) to AMMO?
  14. Do you have immediate ACCESS (with in 30 secs) to MELEE weapons?
  15. If you had to, do you have an EMERGENCY EVACUATION plan?
  16. If you had to EVACUATE, how long could you SURVIVE with what you have? (Bug out bag supplies)
  17. If you had to, how long will it take you to BARRICADE your dwelling?
  18. If you had to BARRICADE, how long could you SURVIVE with what you have? (Supplies currently in stock)
  19. Can you NEGOTIATE well with DIFFICULT people?
  20. Could you KILL strangers to SURVIVE?
  21. Can you produce results under STRESS?
  22. Would you TRAVEL alone or with other survivors? Example being honest good people looking for safety in numbers.
  23. Can you FILTER dirty WATER?
  24. Can you PURIFY contaminated water?
  25. Can you HUNT for FOOD?
  26. Can you SCAVENGE for FOOD?
  27. Do you consider yourself HARD to deal with?
  28. How do you consider your character in real life emergencies?
  29. Choose your difficulty of test results, what type of Zombies are you preparing for?
  30. Describe your current PHYSICAL CONDITION. How FAST are you? How fast can you run a mile?
  31. Describe your current PHYSICAL CONDITION. How STRONG are you? How much can you bench press?

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