Post zombie survival

you probably managed to survive the intial zombie outbreak so what happens two months after the outbreak...would you survive, or would you be cut down like all the zombies before you.

This is no ordinary quiz wait who am I kidding this is as ordinary as it comes but I bet you're interested to know how long you are most likly to survive

Created by: Ryan

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  1. It's about two months after the initialinfection you are amongsome of the last survivors but you come across five other survivors who do you save.
  2. Now you have a partener what is step two of you're master plan?
  3. What wepon would you be most likly to use?
  4. Now do accually have an escape plan for what ever place you decided to live at
  5. While away in a search party you get word of another base being attacked what do you do
  6. You get word of rescue vehicals on the way where do you go
  7. you're rescue failed to arive or you choose not to move either or what do you do now
  8. it's been many years now and the zombie out break is slowing what do you do now
  9. you recive info that you're team is planning to double cross you what do you do
  10. The infection has poped up agine at least two times more powerfull what do you do.
  11. you're running low on ammo and you have already looted all the stores within twenty miles of you're base what now

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